Monthly Archives: October 2014

The re-signification process


by Júlio Crestani

This picture does not only show a marvellous view of the just married young couple Eduardo e Paola Ribeiro in Fraiburgo, but it also portrays with excellence one of the most important development process – at least from my view – that a given society needs to evolve and prosper. The process is the re-signification of things. So what is it and how it works?

Well, that is a too big topic for just a single post, but to get bottom line, this is brand creation process, which involves a deep imaginary and artistic view on things with the objective of creating intangible values. These values can be added from various means such as images, stories, heroes, games, other stuff that literally occupies people’s minds that later on will serve as the base real decisions. The most important principle of symbolic value creation is the existence a consensus.

So what this couple did was to identify a spot in the city that none has ever imagine or if imagined they never took the action to do it in the same way. After this picture, the same place will never have the same meaning, so it becomes more special, more people will think about it, the region will be more respected and valued. No wonder that the central lake will continue being the most prestigious area in the city and consequently the more expensive one, why? Because other places do not bring in consensus the same meaning as it does. But, who creates this values? The answer is simple, the people and their talents put in action. Having an idea and not acting to realized is the same of multiplying 1000 times 0 the result is zero. The bad news is that, on average less than 2% of the population is capable of doing so, but if we don’t foster this behavior it goes lower and lower.

The hint is, if you have an idea, show it and see if it has adherence and go after it. Thanks and best wishes to the couple that created this amazing event. Lá no Frai blog, will keep always mining gold out of the human experience in this special region of the world.