Fraiburgo, Wikipedia and the power of collaborative work


Hello folks,

Today, on the way to present the city I would like to first introduce its wikipedia site , this is a fantastic result of a knowledge intensive collaborative work running on by volunteers that in many cases are not even from Fraiburgo. In there you can have a better overview of the concept of “Fraiburgo” which is the main topic of this blog. Because it was this precursor of the blog and the first way we found to put the city on the since 2008 some friends and I started taking pictures and writing about this lovely and remarkable city where I lived until I was 18. the idea  was precisely the lack of English material to convey a bit of our culture and way of thinking. Brazil is one of the biggest cultural melting pot on earth therefore this is a little bit about our contribution to it and I hope you guys enjoy this album. Thanks a lot and be our guest.

Fraiburgo wiki

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