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End of the year 2014

Every time I arrive to Fraiburgo, the very first thing to do, after family priorities, is to go for the traditional walk around the Araucárias lake, which is at the center of the town. We Fraiburguese miss it while living abroad. So, here are the two very best picts from yesterday 20th December 2014. The Xmas decoration is very well organised, in fact the city was dressed pretty and neatly, but this will left for another post. For now I wish you all super nice very awesome great Xmas and happy new year.

DSC_0301d2014-12-20 17.42.17

The re-signification process


by Júlio Crestani

This picture does not only show a marvellous view of the just married young couple Eduardo e Paola Ribeiro in Fraiburgo, but it also portrays with excellence one of the most important development process – at least from my view – that a given society needs to evolve and prosper. The process is the re-signification of things. So what is it and how it works?

Well, that is a too big topic for just a single post, but to get bottom line, this is brand creation process, which involves a deep imaginary and artistic view on things with the objective of creating intangible values. These values can be added from various means such as images, stories, heroes, games, other stuff that literally occupies people’s minds that later on will serve as the base real decisions. The most important principle of symbolic value creation is the existence a consensus.

So what this couple did was to identify a spot in the city that none has ever imagine or if imagined they never took the action to do it in the same way. After this picture, the same place will never have the same meaning, so it becomes more special, more people will think about it, the region will be more respected and valued. No wonder that the central lake will continue being the most prestigious area in the city and consequently the more expensive one, why? Because other places do not bring in consensus the same meaning as it does. But, who creates this values? The answer is simple, the people and their talents put in action. Having an idea and not acting to realized is the same of multiplying 1000 times 0 the result is zero. The bad news is that, on average less than 2% of the population is capable of doing so, but if we don’t foster this behavior it goes lower and lower.

The hint is, if you have an idea, show it and see if it has adherence and go after it. Thanks and best wishes to the couple that created this amazing event. Lá no Frai blog, will keep always mining gold out of the human experience in this special region of the world.

Caleidoscópio Tchozino / Fraiburguese Kaleidoscope

10 - As quatro estações la no frai 3Tchozinhos e tchozinhas,
Quando a gente fica muito tempo longe do Frai, a saudades cutuca a gente com um espeto de michuim de elefante bem na paleta! Que dor Jaguara home do céu! Nessa edição preparei um caleidoscópio anual situacional semiorgânico pangéico meso-lipoproteico das 4 estações do ano em Fraiburgo – Santa Catarina – Brasil, pois, quando estamos fora do Frai, principalmente fora do Brasil, um dos maiores desafios de expressão é contar sobre o Brasil não tropical, aquele jaguarento de frio e colorido ao longo ano. Sinceramente espero que esta edição possa ajudá-los onde quer que estejam enfrentando tal problema. Nesse, processo, escolher as melhores fotos em meio a milhares, não foi moleza, mas tinha que sair uma hora. Além das fotos do verão e outono que assumo a autoria, vale aqui dar os créditos à Andréia Mello pela foto da primavera. A imagem do inverno, até hoje não sei quem foi, o autor(a) tudo o que sei é que alguém encaminhou por email nos anos de 2004, neste caso, acho justo entregar o crédito a Hollobyte informática que me ensinou os princípios do backup (cópia) dos dados. Sem este conhecimento elementar da informática, essa foto que vai se espalhar pelo mundo, não existiria. Aproveitando o momento, foi esta imagem que me fez cair a ficha sobre a importância de mudar a visão que temos das coisas tchozinas…Há muita coisa espetacular meio-oeste do universo. Enfim, a região do meio-oeste de Santa Catarina é linda e Fraiburgo dá um show! No verão é tempo de curtir a colheita da maçã, as cachoeiras e chuvas com gotas com aproximadamente um litro cada! No outono e primavera é tempo de mudança e de muitas cores. O inverno época de fogão a lenha, pinhão e paisagens congeladas quase todas as manhãs, pés e mãos frias por todo o dia, pra quem está visitando é legal!    

Ladies and Gentileman,
How have you been doing? What a long time no English talks over here. I am really sorry about it! Let me apologise myself, I have been tremendously busy lately since I decided to become an entrepreneur. As a result, the blog went far to the end of the priority list. Anyways, It is good to be back. Here is the top most special and expressive pictures so far in the history of the blog. With this kaleidoscopical view I wish to express deep the changes over the the seasons in the not so widely known sub-tropical Brazil. Fraiburgo has plenty of things to do all year long, but what you can expect in the summer is to pick apples directly from the tree, visit some waterfalls, enjoy big rainbows. In the autumn you will feel that everything change in preparation to a cold winter, which is the least colourful but not the least beautiful season of the year. That is when every, or almost every, morning the world looks frozen, but the time passes by life and nature insist to continue and to move on! Spring time, live changes, colours come up again and so on! Hope that you can have a beter understanding about what is Brazil

Dames en heren,

Dit is de eerste keer dat ik hier op mijn blog in het Nederlands probeer te schrijven. Wat een uitdaging! Ik ben al 3 jaar terug in Brazilië dus jullie kunnen voorstellen hoe moeilijk het is om hier Nederlands te oefenen. Hoewel er een paar nederlanders in Florianópolis wonen is het grooste probleem om een taal te behouden het gebrek aan vrije tijd om te studeren. Het idee om Nederlands schrijven is om contact te houden met de cultuur en om misschien motiveren ons “ tchozinhos(as)” andere talen en culturen te bestuderen. Natuurlijk is dat de kans dat dat gebeurd is klein, maar ik doe wat ik kan doen. Niets meer niets minder.

Trouwens, wist je dat Brazilië heeft een subtropische regio heeft? Als je het niet wist, de bestaansreden van dit blog is om Fraiburgo te laten zien aan de wereld, dus … wat vind je van de foto, is het goed genoeg? … dit is Fraiburgo, gelegen in het centrum van de zuiden van Brazilië en werd gekoloniseerd door Italianen en Duitsers … je vraagt je misschien af wat is de relatie tussen Fraiburgo en Nederland? Het antwoord is niets, maar dat kan altijd veranderen. Misschien zal op een dag Fraiburgo een mooi nederlands molen hebben om haar internationale karakter te laten zien. Wie weet? Ik zou willen dat een dag nieuwsgierige Nederlanders naar Fraiburgo bezoeken en onze 4 verschillende seizoenen ervaren! Dat is alles voor nu ! veel groetjes van uit het mooie Santa Catarina!

Welcome to Fraiburgo / Bem vindo a Fraiburgo

Here we celebrate the milenar indigenous culture of drinking mate…this is a good demonstration of what it means to belong to South America, whenever you come you will be invited to drink this friendship drink  / Aqui nós celebramos a milenar cultura indigena do mate! Isso representa mais do que laços de amizade, isso é pertencer de corpo e alma à América do Sul com a bebida da amizade…