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The city lake, our favorite place

Ludic map – by GuiaSul – Click to enlarge 

Today, I am going to bring you to the famous lake of the city. Here is a ludic map of the city (click on the pic) to give some sense of direction. In there you can see the city gate and the lake.

Here is a picture taken pointing to the center of the town. This is by far one of our favorite places in the city.

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When I was showing the pictures of the lake to my friends, they usually asked me “but it isn’t really a lake isn’t it? It looks like a pond” I say, “No, of course it’s not a pond, it is a lake”. Ok, let clarify this. In fact, it isn’t a real lake. So why do we “Fraiburguenses” call it as a lake?  The answer is simple, it is because we feel like doing so and because everybody agrees on this, then it is a lake, at least for us. I’m not joking. If you think about it, that is the same process that happens in science, languages, religion, economics and so forth “what it is and what isn’t is always and only a question of consensus”. Therefore, in our local agreement this is a lake. Yet, to strengthen and extend the overall consensus over this topic, the names of streets and buildings are named after to “lake” related names :). Looking from an outside perspective it’s funny :). Furthermore, I feel that this is already so rooted in our minds that if you come to the city and look for the pond of the city we might think you are looking for something else rather than our adorable little lake.

So why the lake is so special for us? That’s is tough question actually. Perhaps it’s similar to ask why are your siblings so special for you? It’s difficult to explain, we basically grew up next it, it is part of our family, it was silently present in most of the important city events and in our life happenings. Generation after generation it is there watching us. It is the symbol and the pride of city and what makes it unique in the country e perhaps in the world.

These trees below are a gift of a very specially woman called Lídia Frey who planted the seeds of theses magnificent pine trees thinking ahead, about the next generations. I dream about seeing actions like this becoming normal thing and not an exception to the rule. Fortunately, here we have a real and lovely example that altruistic actions like this work out in the long term, generating value to everyone, not only for the citizens of Fraiburgo, but also for humanity. Many thanks to Mrs. Lídia Frey (in memoriam) for this wonderful gift and life example.

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So now you know a little bit more about the famous lake. I hope you enjoyed. I see you one the next posts.