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Natal 2013 / Xmas 2013

Por/ By – Joni Hoppen

Trem reduzida espaço em branco

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Rua arnoldo frey luzes logo branco

Arnold Frey Road – Clique para aumentar / Click to enlarge

noel no lago branco logo

Papai Noel no Lago – Clique para aumentar / Click to enlarge

DSC_0094-logo-reduzido centro de evento

Centro de eventos – Event center

michelangelo natal 2013 noite lua

Edifício Michelangelo – Michelangelo Building

hotel renar logo natal 2013

Hotel Renar / Renar Hotel

Castelinho logo luz noite branco

Boa noite de Cristal – The cristal good evening

Piazada, ai vai um presente do talentoso Rafael Schweitzer da agência de publicidade VOLLE.COM.BR de Fraiburgo – São contribuições assim que deixam o Frai cada dia mais exibido (pra não dizer mitido) nas redes sociais e conseguintemente no mundo a fora.

Se você,  assim como o “Lá no Frai”, quiser retribuir este favor ao autor da foto, visite e curta a página da Volle A propósito, Volle significa “Integral” em Holandês, logo “Volle melk” = leite integral. A letra “V” no alemão e no holandês se pronuncia como “F” no Fraiburguês :).

Saudações Fraiburguenses e boa noite de cristal a todos!

Dear all, this is a really nice picture gift from Rafael Schweitzer, founder of volle.com.br publicity agency in Fraiburgo. We hope you enjoyed this image as much as we Fraiburguese do. Pictures of this sort keeps Fraiburgo looking better and better on the internet to the world 🙂


Boa noite de cristal – Hotel Renar – The cristal good evening

Xmas parade / Desfile de natal no Frai

Oi pessoal, algumas fotos acabaram de chegar do Frai pela turma do Hotel Renar.  Tomei a liberdade de republicá-las. Aqui vão as que me chamaram mais a atenção. O desfile deve ter sido sensacional com fogos de artifícios e tudo queria poder estar lá. É Fraiburgo chegando nos seus primeiro 50 anos. Será que isso vai virar tradição? Fonte  Facebook do Hotel Renar
Guys, some pictures from Fraiburgo just poped up on my facebook by means of the Renar Hotel staff so I decived to share the ones which sparked my attention the most. The parade must have been amazing with fireworks and stuff, Fraiburgo is almost turning 50 by the end of this month. Picture source Renar Hotel’s facebook.

Christmas Parade / Desfile de Natal By Renar Hotel

Christmas Parade / Desfile de Natal By Renar Hotel

Christmas Parade / Desfile de Natal By Renar Hotel

Christmas Parade / Desfile de Natal By Renar Hotel

From dreams to reality

Getting started showing the beauties of the Lá no Frai architecture style, I am going to present the “RENAR HOTEL”, which is one the most widely known building and a symbol of the city. By the way, how many cities in the world have a hotel as one of its main symbols? well, Fraiburgo is one of these few on the list. So why is that?

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To better understand this, the word “RENAR” is the combination of names of the brothers “Rene” and “Arnoldo”, who left Alsace after the first world war 1919 when their territory was given to France. One of the options for the Frey family, who could not speak French, was to start a new life from the scratch in Brazil. They are the founders of the city and responsible for laying  the foundations of contemporary Fraiburgo. In history books, these guys are considered to be some of the top entrepreneurs of the Southern Brazil, working hard and investing in a great verity of businesses such as sawmills, agriculture (specially apples), food processing and so on. Sometimes, I wonder what would be is the real extent of their contribution to the development of the whole region and the country since they succeeded in virtually every single project they initiated, which is an amazing and inspiring history. To have an idea, before their arrival, the area was called “Campo da dúvida” which means “The field of doubts” because nobody really knew that to do in that no man’s land.

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This hotel is the dream of Rene Frey who 32 years ago, despite many negative suggestions, started building this alpine-german building with a firm believe that Fraiburgo would become a prosperous land receiving its visitors from all over the country with the highest quality guess services. It seems he succeed once again.

The RENAR hotel is located hight above the Araucárias’ Lake and very close to the city center. From its windows you have an overlook of the town. I suggest this view in the winter time when the city awakes white and frozen, which is marvellous. Furthermore, in my opinion, this is more than a Hotel in the normal sense, because it also has flavours of a history museum in its walls, gardens, events, showing and guiding the tourists throughout the main elements that compound our multifaceted cultural inheritance. Most importantly, in there I assure you that you will hear the Fraiburguese dialect first hand and that’s is really cool. More pictures can be found at www.hotelrenar.com.br.

By Nivaldo Gomes

Crossing pictures!

Before leaving to Europe most of the pictures I had taken were mainly focused on the touristic attractions. Thus, some people commented that it looked like an amusing park, which is somehow true, but in this case real people live on it 🙂

With the following pictures I seek to give an idea of how it looks in a more broad and bidirectional way. Picture 1 was taken from the intercity Bus Station, whereas picture 2 was at the Renar Hotel, which is right next the Araucárias’ lake. It’s not amazing to see how different things can be by just changing the perspectives?

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