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Lá no Frai lá no mundo


Essa é apenas uma amostra de como é importante usar pelo menos dois idiomas no mundo moderno, sobre tudo o inglês, pelo menos no mundo online. Está e a lista de países que visitam periodicamente o blog. Tirando as coisas intraduzíveis da nossa cultura tchozina, sempre tentamos trazer o máximo de informação em inglês pra galera. Sim o Frai é um lugar muito diferente do que o mundo conhece e por isso a curiosidade se espalha. Por hora é isso tchozinhos(as) fiquem bem e boa sorte nos estudos idiomáticos e nos projetos que vocês farão para o mundo via internet.

Saudações tchozinas.

This print-screen I took to make my own people aware of the importance of the English language for international projects like Lá no Frai and those running online. Yes, English is not that strong yet in Brazil or even in Fraiburgo, but the point is that information is arriving bring alongside the awareness that the world is truly becoming flatter and flatter. Thank you all guys for visiting us, hopefully you will get to Fraiburgo for real why not? Anyways. Many greetings from the South of Brazil.

02 - Visitantes nacionalidades

Fraiburgo, where is it and how to get there?


Hi folks,

Let’s get started. As the first post of this blog about Fraiburgo, let me show you a bit where it is located and how you can get there. I will leave the next posts to convey information on what you can do and see out there.

Fraiburgo on the map

Here is the Brazilian map. In the south there are only three states.  The middle one is “Santa Catarina” also widely known as “Santa e Bela Catarina” which means “Saint and Beautiful Catarina” due to its landscapes, nature and so on. Yet, this state carries a female name, which is quite an uncommon thing in Brazil. Its approximate size is, more or less, equivalent to Portugal. Fraiburgo lies in the very middle of it and also in the southern region, which is by the way a subtropical region.

The state capital, Florianópolis, is the island on the right side of the map, where most international tourists arrive. The flight from São Paulo to Florianópolis takes approximately 1 hour. The distance of 380km/236miles is what separates Fraiburgo from the capital and the best way to over come it is by car, which takes around 5 hours; by bus it takes at least 7 hours. Unfortunately, the high-speed train connecting Brasília – São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro and Fraiburgo is not ready yet.

In the middle of nowhere – No meio do nada

In the middle of nowhere, when you start thinking that your GPS is broken, no worries, it is a good signal that you are almost there, just trust me. Here is a type of landscape that you might find on the way until you are receptioned by the city entrance gate.


Welcome to Fraiburgo. Be our guest and enjoy your stay!

I strongly recommend you to stop by and get some delicious apple products, I mean, real apple products (not computers and stuff). By the way, my favourite item is the Dehydrated apples which is delicious with multiple tastes in a single snack. If you don’t like don’t hesitate to send them to me I wouldn’t refuse.

Well, this my first experience blogging and I do it with lots of joy. I hope you like it and I would be delighted receiving comments, ideas, feedbacks and stuff. New posts are coming soon. Greetings too all!